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Maritime Programs (SEA1442 Phase 5 & SEA5012 Phase 1) Project

BOEING Defence Australia (DBA) is tendering for another project requiring suppliers and contractors to demonstrate their level of certification to the following management standards:

  • Environment (ISO14001)

  • Occupational Health and Safety (AS/NZS 4801 / OHSA 18001)

  • Quality (ISO9001, and or AS9100 series)

  • Risk (ISO31000)

  • Employee Relations

The project asks businesses to confirm if their systems are:

  • 3rd Party Certified, (strongest)

  • Self-Certified, or (medium)

  • have No Management System (weakest)

The strongest response to this requirement is a 3rd Party Certified Integrated Management System (IMS).

How can CVC help?

CVC can help you demonstrate your suitability for this project by completing a 3rd Party Certification Audit to the:

  • Quality ISO9001:2015 Management Standard

  • Safety ISO45001:2018 Management Standard

  • Environment ISO14001:2015 Management Standard

We can also provide a Letter of Compliance Audit for the Risk ISO31000:2018 Management Standard, as this standard can not be formally Certified against. We can also review your Employee Relations systems and refer you to a specialist HR provider to certify your IR processes.

ICN Gateway's description of the project

"BDA is seeking expressions of interest from Australian industry to support a number of future Defence capabilities in the maritime environment. Previous defence experience is not essential, but prior experience in the maritime domain will be highly regarded.

SEA1442 Phase 5 seeks to modernise the Royal Australian Navy’s maritime-wide area communication capabilities. This program will ensure warfighters receive a secure communication capability capable of supporting current and future information exchange demands, while also ensuring it is interoperable between fleet units, joint and coalition partners and to strategic headquarters.

SEA5012 will seek the delivery and integration of fixed, mobile, and deployable autonomous vehicles and acoustic payloads designed to support strategic theatre undersea surveillance of Australia’s maritime approaches, and to provide tactical cueing to ADF and allied anti-submarine warfare (ASW) forces."

CVC is proud to be a Premium ICN Gateway member, see our profile here.

Visit for project information.

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