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VicRoads Contractor Audits
VicRoads prequalification scheme lists suppliers who are prequalified to tender on VicRoads work.

The VicRoads scheme is structured into groups of similar work types. Each group is further divided into categories that may have levels that define areas of expertise or competency. There are currently nine groups in the scheme.

  • Environment

  • Pavement and Geotechnical Engineering

  • Maintenance and General Works

  • Road and Bridge Construction

  • Road and Bridge Design

  • Traffic Management Services (Consultants)

  • Traffic Management Services (Contractors) *

  • Transport and Planning Studies

  • Other Professional Services

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All companies must have established management systems in Quality and Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S). 3rd party certification by a JAS-ANZ Certification body of the respective Quality and OH&S Management System can be accepted if it has been obtained to specified standards.

Companies with 10 or fewer employees have the option of presenting a letter from a registered third-party auditor confirming the company’s systems meet certain specified key requirements of the Quality ISO 9001 and OHSAS 4801 or ISO 45001 Management System standards.

We at Central Victoria Certification are qualified to complete both audit types. Our team of experienced auditors have supported VicRoads contractors for over 20 years. 


Being certified will also help you to:

  • provide a safe work environment for your team and the community,

  • win other government and principle contractor work,

  • and reduce your business risks. 


Below are some relevant extracts from the Department of Transport Temporary Traffic Management Accredited Company Application document. 

"Exemption for Traffic Management Design / Consultancy Companies
Companies that provide traffic management design services and do not provide operational traffic control or site set-up services are exempt from meeting the OH&S Management System requirement.

Quality and OHS Management System Prerequisite
It is a requirement that accredited temporary traffic management companies have appropriate quality and occupational health and safety assurance systems that meet relevant Australian and/or international standards. Third-party certification for Quality and OHS Management standards is a requirement for all traffic management companies with more than 10
employees. The certification audit and annual surveillance audit must be carried out by a registered 3rd party auditor who is listed with JAS ANZ. The scope of third-party certification (as detailed on the certificate) must reflect the types of traffic management services that the company provides."

Accreditation application form_WEB (4).jpg

The Traffic Guidance Scheme (TGS) and Traffic Management Plan (TMP) within the Traffic Management Services (Contractors) group has now been replaced by the Traffic Management Implementation (TMI) and Traffic Management Design (TMD) as the Temporary Traffic Management Accreditation (accreditation) program, which started on 1 February 2022. Please visit their accreditation program page to find out more.

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