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What is the Certification process?

 Stage 2 Audit (Certification) – Required only in year one to confirm compliance

One to three months later, the Stage 2 audit is conducted and is a more in-depth review of not only the business's systems and processes but the implementation of those systems and processes at an operational level.

At this stage, the Lead Certification Auditor may identify gaps in your processes, systems or even at the implementation phase. Depending on the gaps identified and their complexity, the Lead Certification Auditor may or may not recommend you for Certification. Meaning this is when you receive your Certification certificates and logos.

 Surveillance Audits - Completed in years 2 and 3

Once you have your Certification certificates and logos, your business and systems need to be continually implemented and improved, so ensure when developing processes, they form part of your everyday business.

A surveillance audit is when a Lead Certification Auditor reviewed parts of your business and standard to ensure the business is continually implementing and improving the way they operate.

 Re-certification Audit - Completed in year 4

This is basically Stage 1, Stage 2 audits and Surveillance audits altogether, it is a complete review of your system at all sites. Ultimately it ensures the business is continually implementing and improving the way they operate. Once the rec-certification (year four) is done, another three-year cycle (years 2,3,4) repeats. 

Certification Audit Types

 Stage 1 Audit (Pre-certification) – Reqiured only in year one to determine your readiness 

The Stage 1 audit provides an opportunity for the Certification Auditors to review your organisation's processes and systems against the standard you are applying for.

At this stage, the Lead Certification Auditor may identify gaps in your processes or systems or may not. Depending on the

gaps identified and their complexity will determine your next audit Stage.

We are ready to help you through the Certification process. The below roadmaps show the steps usually followed. 

CVC helps you check, your systems by conducting external audits. Once you have shown compliance in the audits, CVC will provide you with your ISO Certificate as evidence you can show your customers. 

Learn more by downloading one of our roadmap guides. 

Transferring ISO Auditors - CVC.jpg
New to ISO Road map - CVC.jpg

 What if I am already Certified with another CAB? 

CVC can provide you with a quote that is competitive as our Lead Certification Auditors are local (Bendigo).

When you complete the online form, please add a copy of your last quote and certification audit plans and reports so that we can provide the most affordable price.

 This is scary! 

For many businesses, going through the certification process seems daunting and scary. However, in business, there are many types of compliance obligations that all seems daunting at first such as, Fair Work Compliance, Tax, Loan Requirements, WorkSafe compliance and so on.

Management System Standards align with many of the legal and other obligations you are already following. So, in short, undertaking the Certification process WILL assist your business compliance obligations.

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