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Lockheed Martin Australia - Rotary Wing Support & Sustainment Project

Lockheed Martin Australia is tendering for another project requiring suppliers and contractors to demonstrate their level of certification to the following management standards:

  • Quality (ISO9001, and or AS9100 series)

  • Safety (AS/NZS 4801, OHSA 18001 or ISO45001)

  • Risk (ISO31000)

  • Environment (ISO14001)

The project asks businesses to confirm if their systems are:

  • 3rd Party Certified, (strongest)

  • Self-Certified, or (medium)

  • have No Management System (weakest)

The strongest response to this requirement is a 3rd Party Certified Integrated Management System (IMS).

How can CVC help?

CVC can help you demonstrate your suitability for this project by completing a 3rd Party Certification Audit to the:

  • Quality ISO9001:2015 Management Standard

  • Safety ISO45001:2018 Management Standard

  • Environment ISO14001:2015 Management Standard

We can also provide a Letter of Compliance Audit for the Risk ISO31000:2018 Management Standard, as this standard can not be formally Certified against.

ICN Gateway's description of the project

"As part of Lockheed Martin Australia's (LMA) sovereign rotary-wing sustainment network, LMA sustains the Royal Australian Navy MH-60R Seahawk and is the potential industry partner in support of the proposed UH-60M Black Hawk as part of the Australian Army's Land 4507-1 program.

LMA is looking to engage with Australian Industry to further expand existing sovereign capabilities related to rotary-wing support and sustainment through an expression of interest. LMA is looking to engage with organisations across Australia to support a multi-location sustainment network."

CVC is proud to be a Premium ICN Gateway member, see our profile here.

Visit for project information.

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