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Stand out from the crowd! The benefits of ISO Certification

Updated: May 9, 2022

In today’s competitive and highly compliance demanding market. Certification provides your business with, not only the peace of mind, but the compliance it needs to work safely, deliver quality products and services, and reduce the pollution in the environment.

The most common question we get asked is 'why become ISO certified?' Most businesses understand it's good to operate a high performing organisation, but is ISO certification worth the investment of time and money?

There are lots of reasons businesses seek to get ISO certified. The main ones are:

  1. to stand out from the crowd and tender for new work and

  2. to meet existing customer's supplier and contractor requirements.

Customers ask for this evidence as it makes their lives easier by:

  • Streamlining their Pre-qualifications & Tender procsesss to easily collect evidence of which tenderers meet their compliance expectations.

  • Quick way for customers to complete due diligence on their suppliers and contractors, without using a lot of their own internal resources to check supplier and contractor performance.

  • Reduces their risk as compliant management systems and businesses provide reliable products and services at higher quality, safety, environmental, information security and socially appropriate levels.

  • Provides assurance that suppliers and contractors are meeting regulatory and customer expectations.

  • Limits liability for customers if there is an incident, as they have put in place reasonable controls to manage their exposure to breaches.

Customers looking for ISO certification include:

  • Government Agencies such as the Australian Defence, VicRoads, DELWP, NDIS etc.

  • Large Private Companies such as Telstra, Jemena, LendLease

  • Tier one and two suppliers who engage sub contractors on behalf of their customers

  • International Businesses who require consistency across countries

As well as customer's seeing the value of ISO certification, many business owners and managers also understnad the valuable reasons and positive outcomes including:

Stay Compliant ISO Certification ensures your business meets legal and other requirements and continually improves the products and services depending on the economic environment.

Think competitively The advantage of the Certification process is that it requires businesses to critically access their business in the current economic climate, including the potential for new competitors in the market.

Increase Productivity As businesses often critically review their business through the certification process along with a little help from, Certification experts, consultants, and their team. The ISO Certification process, often assists businesses to streamline their processes and increasing productivity.


Get the advantage You have a clear advantage when you invest in the Certification process. Certifications will differentiate you from your competitors in the industry, showing that you simply have a strong commitment to your delivery of products and services, teams, and community in the areas of Safety, Quality and Environmental Management.


Increase Your Earning Potential The time and energy invested in gaining and maintaining certification typically increase your business's financial gain.

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