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Say goodbye to 'tick and flick' audits

Are you a business owner that wants to obtain Certification against Standards such as Safety, Quality, and Environmental?

  • Are you in a hurry and need the Certification Certificate to apply for tenders?

  • Will you compromise your overall compliance level and the safety of people?

  • Are you stuck in the old way of working and want it done by someone who will turn the other way and certify you?

Then you may receive a ‘Tick and Flick’ auditor which might seem like a good idea, and hey, it's fast and efficient.

As a business owner, not understating the impact of a tick and flick audit can be risky! The type of audits is good at:

  • 💰 Charging you an enormous amount of money for no value,

  • ☑️ Ticking off requirements, even if you haven’t got a Management System in place,

  • Certifying you, identifying no problems,

  • 📈 Not providing you with any findings or opportunities for improvement,

  • ⚖️ Not ensuring you and your business are compliant,

  • 🔥 Not working with you to reduce your businesses risk,

  • 🚀 Not protecting your business reputation within the industry.

Tick and Flick Outcomes

If you engaged a cleaner and it cost over $5k a year, and all they did was remove the dust from the shelves, leaving you with a dirty and un-sanitised office....would you be happy and continue paying for the service?

This is the same when you engage a tick and flick auditor, it might look good from the outside for a while, but in the longer term, your clients will figure out that you don’t have good Management Systems in place. This will not only damage your reputation, but it will also potentially harm your business and land you in court.

Meaningful Audit Outcomes

There are so many positive outcomes when working with auditors that care and work in line with International and Local Standards and Legal Requirements. If you engage in a meaningful audit you will find your auditor is someone who:

  • 🤲🏽 will work with you and your team on your Certification journey,

  • 💻 wants to work with your business,

  • 🪙 provides a full service warranting the full financial investment,

  • ❤️‍🩹 will provide you with findings to improve your products and services,

  • 👩‍💼 is professional, cares about your business, and

  • ⚙️ is dedicated to minimising your business risks and hopes you don’t land in court.

We have seen businesses thrive with some growing three times their size in a year!

If you would like to talk to someone about more benefits or receive a quote for our services (reducing your risks), please call us on 0488 225 445 or click here for a quote today

We are looking forward to hearing from positive business owners just like you!

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