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News: Record OHS prison sentence

Updated: May 27, 2021

Yesterday a Director of a WA business was sentenced to jail in the first imprisonment under WA’s workplace safety and health laws.

In March last year, two workers were installing roof sheets, the company they worked for was MT Sheds in Western Australia.

It would be unfair to assume what happened and who did what, however, when a death occurs at a workplace, it is not hard to assume, something went wrong, in this incident, one person died, and another suffered horrific injuries. Parents lost their child; a wife lost her husband and children lost their dad, and another father, son, and friend was badly injured. There have been some serious consequences for MT Sheds and its owners. Yes, Jail time. However, a jail sentence does not bring back a person or heal another.

This is a tragic reminder to get serious about safety. Review your safety system, not just tick a SWMS or a Site Management Plan, have a real look at your operational risks and hazards, and ensure you are not placing anyone in danger.

WorkSafe WA said the fines were the highest under the OHS Act and the sentence was the longest term of imprisonment ever imposed for a work safety offense in Australia.

What cost are you ready to accept? MT Sheds have been fined $550,000 for gross negligence, $50,000 for breaching the OHS Regulations, and just over two years in jail. Are you willing to accept this cost and a lifetime of guilt?

Our team has seen too many incidents. We attend worksites, undertake risk assessments, and provide companies with a plan to ensure people are safe.

CVC can certify you to ISO 45001:2018 as one way to make your workplace safer and hopefully avoid tragedies like this.

Please give us a call on 0488 225 445 or email us at to see how we may be able to assist you.

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