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The four levels of compliance we often see

Suppliers and contractors are required to meet the compliance standards set by their customers, which can be as basic as showing evidence of insurances to evidence of full ISO certification.

We see three common levels of customer compliance requirements:


  • Key Policies around safety, modern slavery etc.

  • Basic Documents such as Emergency Management Plans, SWMS etc.

  • Insurances are sufficient and current

  • Licenses are sufficient and current

This level is often met by suppliers with internal costs only. Often providing evidence to their customers through portals such as LinkSafe.


  • Self Assessment/Checklist by the supplier of the maturity of their management systems

  • External Assessment by the customer, or external auditor of compliance levels

  • Letter of Compliance by an Exemplar Global Auditor as evidence of full compliance

  • Once off audit

This level is often requires suppliers to engage external resources.


  • Certified to a recognised management system standard/s

  • Jas-Anz Accredied external / third party audit body

  • Ongoing audit program

This is often the most expensive option but is also the most widely recognised option, allowing one audit to provide evidence to several customers. Organisations who become certified can use the ISO logos on marketing material and are registered at This level requires suppliers to engage external resources.

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